By DCFS published July 1st 2009 04:16 pm.

 The First 30 Days of Placement A Foster Parent Will:


  • Ask the social worker to review with you a brief description of the child, abuse history, why the child is in care, and any behavior, safety, or health concerns
  • Call reception if you do not know the assigned social worker for the child.
  • Leave voice mails and/or emails that state name of child, foster parent, and information needed to share with the social worker. Indicate if a response is needed.
  • If the social worker is unavailable, there is a social worker of the day, or supervisor, who you may contact to discuss concerns.
  • Discuss school, medical providers, visitation, and clothing vouchers
  • Obtain a medical coupon and Placement referrals for the foster child directly from the social worker, placement coordinator or through the mail.
  • Expect a call within the first week from the social worker.
  • Expect a call for a possible Family Team Decision staffing.
  • Set up daycare if needed due to employment
  • Set up a complete physical for child the first 30 days; also if the child is 0 – 3 a DCFS social worker will screen the child for a developmental assessment.
  • Check with the social worker to see if child will remain in their current school.
  • Social workers will set up visitation and you are NOT expected to supervise them or give out your phone #.
  • Recognize children will be in transition and we expect behaviors and acting out
  • Bear in mind that in many cases the child’s behaviors move through a honeymoon period and become more difficult until they feel secure in their placement.
  • Realize if you are having a difficult time, you can call your licensor, social worker, the foster parent liaison, the unit supervisor, other foster parents or your placement coordinator.
  • Be aware the social worker, and CASA will visit the child in the home.
  • Check their car seat for installation and proper fitting.
  • Remember to connect with other experienced foster parents and call them for support.